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Meki Megara painting

Meki Megara

Born in Tetuán (Morocco) 1933.

1952 School of the Arts, Tetuán.

1955 School of the Arts (Santa Isabel de Hungría) Sevilla.

1959 School of the Arts (San Fernando) Madrid.

1960-61 Finished his studies and is nominated Professor of Painting and Perspective. In 1992 he retired and fully dedicated himself to Plastic Art.

Meki Megara in an act

Meki Megara in an act

2007 he was elected member of the Royal Spanish Academy of fine arts of Cadiz.

Ever since 1949, Mekki Mghara created various individual and group expostions in Morocco and Spain. He also participated in various international group exhibitions in America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

His work is distributed amongst private and public collections throughout Morocco, as well as in other countries such as the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Tunis, Irak, Syria, etc.

His work is also exposed in museums such as Do Pobo Galego (Depósitos de Obra del Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea de Santiago de Compostela (Spain) (see painting), and in the ex-Museum of Contemporary Art of Tanger (Morocco) (see painting) .

He participated in meetings including: The First Meeting of Plastic Artists in Bagdad (Irak) 1973; and in Damascus (Syria) in 1975.

The Bank of Morocco used many monetary and colection coins designed by Mekki Mghara( see coins ) like:

Some Currencies designed by Meki Megara

Some coins designed by Meki Megara

  • Silver Coin (International Year of Women) Value: 50 Dhs, 1975.
  • Silver Coin (Green March) Value: 50 Dhs, 1977.
  • Silver Coin (International Year of Child) Value 50 Dhs, 1979.
  • Silver Coin (Agricultural World Organism) Value: 5 Dhs, 1975.
  • Silver Coin (July 9th) Value: 50 Dhs, 1975.
  • Gold Coin (July 9th) Value: 250 Dhs, 1975.
  • Gold Coin (July 9th) Value: 500 Dhs, 1975.
  • Metal Coin (Fishing Industry) Value: 5 Cts, 1974.
  • Metal Coin (Agricultural Industry) Value: 10 Cts, 1974.
  • Bronze and Nickel Coin (Agricultural Theme) Value: 5 Cts, 1975.